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  • Hello! Welcome to Dongguan Zeende Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.!

    About Zeende

    Zeende Printing Equipment Co.Ltd. is a type of development, sale and service enterprise which is professionally engaged in printing equipment. Company is located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province where is famous in the world for manufacture, modern production plant. The company has set up the department of printing equipment, the department of printing mechanical accessories, the department of Ink Material. the department of processing service. With insisting in the business tenet “based on people-oriented, customer always in the first” and the entrepreneurial spirit “solidarity, truthfulness, exertion, and innovation”. Zeende aspires to advancement and resplendence with customer.
    Zeende has absorbed in manufacturing printing machine and laser machine since foundation. Over the years, by absorbing the printing and laser advanced technology, and designing full-automatic laser marking machine, pad printing machine, screen printing machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, etc. Each department of the Zeende company cooperates actively with customer in order to help the customers resolve the trouble on printing and laser. We do freely templates for new and old customers at all times, and hold every chance of creating fortune for customer.
    Zeende's pad printing and screen printing accessories consumables mainly include Tampo ink, Markem ink, Marabu ink, UV keyboard ink, TPA halogen-free ink, metal and glass ink, pad printing machine ink cup, Ink cup squeegee, tungsten steel scraper, ceramic scraper, Tampo ink cup, pad printing rubber head, pad printing steel plate, Screen printing screen board and Disposable ink pan, etc.
    Laser accessories: CO2 laser glass tube, semiconductor laser module, laser focusing mirror, laser galvanometer, laser beam expander mirror, acousto?-optic Q-switch, laser marking control card and other laser accessories.
    Printing equipment:One-color pad printing machine, Two-color pad printing machine, Ink cup pad printing machine, Rotary pad printing machine, Automatic pad printing machine, Plane screen printing machine, Curved screen printing machine, Automatic screen printing machine, Screen printing table, etc.
    Plate-making equipment :mechanical wire-drawing machine, pneumatic wire-drawing machine, electric wire-drawing machine, vacuum plate-drying machine, screen oven, UV curing machine, IR dryer, etcher, ink mixer and other peripheral equipment.
    Printing ink:as an agent of import ink, such as Tampo ink (Germany), MARKEM ink (U.S.A), Wanlinglong ink (Italy), MARABU ink (Germany), RUCO ink (Germany) , and Halogen-free ink ,UV keyboard ink, Metal and glass ink, touch screen window ink, plastic ink, rubber paint ink, etc. Domestic Ink.
    Printing accessories:pad printing machine ink cup, Ink cup squeegee, tungsten steel scraper, ceramic scraper, pad printing machine ink basin, pad printing ink cup, ink cup scraper, Pad printing ink cup tray arm, pad printing rubber head base, etc.
    Printing consumables:pad printing rubber head, pad printing steel plate, pad printing blade, pad printing ink roller, Screen printing screen board, screen printing yarn, screen printing ink sweep, Silk screen Rubber scraper, Disposable ink pan, etc.
    Chemical additives:Open lnk water, Tianna water, net wash water, zizi water, white electric lnk, anti-white water, etc.
    Processing: can quickly and timely complete all kinds of difficult laser processing, pad printing laser, screen printing processing.
    Maintenance: Provide various brands of laser marking machine maintenance services, pad
    Unborn market is competitive market! Zeende insists on the tenet “seek survival with quality, and seek development with innovation”, persisting in relying on technological innovation and scientific management and provide laser and printing products with advanced technology and reliable capability
    Zeende printing equipment co.,ltd asks for marketing agent, and welcome your consultation.
    Dongguan Zeende Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. all rights reserved ? Copyright 2020
    address:One Lane, Tongxin Road, Xiagang Management District, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City Service Hotline:+86 13539000940
    Company main:Pad printing machine, lnk squeegee,Tampo ink, Marken ink, halogen-free ink, printing accessories, printing accessories, silk screen accessories, printing supplies
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