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  • Hello! Welcome to Dongguan Zeende Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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        The equipment mainly includes CNC, computer gong, lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, etc.; main team: business, engineering technology, after-sales service, etc.
        Founded on March 20th, 2008, it began to focus on small pad printing machines, screen printing machines, and various printing consumables.
        In 2009, it began to produce special parts for pad printing machine, such as pad printing machine ink cup and ink cup squeegee, and reached export standards.
        In 2010, it began to act as agent for Tampo ink in Germany and Markem ink in the United States.
        In 2011, it developed the high wear-resistant and high-viscosity UV keyboard ink.
        In 2012, it developed the elliptical pad printing machine ink cup and the ink cup knife ring.
        In 2013, it developed automatic equipment such as automatic pen multi-color pad printing machine.
        In 2015, it developed multi-color silk-printed dragon and other automation equipment; strive for excellence, focusing on printing equipment, including: pad printing machine ink cup, ink cup squeegee, printing ink (Tampo ink, Markem ink, etc.), printing Accessories (pad printing accessories, silk screen printing accessories), printing consumables.
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    address:One Lane, Tongxin Road, Xiagang Management District, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City Service Hotline:+86 13539000940
    Company main:Pad printing machine, lnk squeegee,Tampo ink, Marken ink, halogen-free ink, printing accessories, printing accessories, silk screen accessories, printing supplies
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