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    Reasons for the Slow Drying of Ink Imprint and the Treatment Method

        The imprint left on the printed matter is formed by ink. The ink is a colorant for printing. It is the main raw material for printing. The ink is very important for the quality of printing. When the ink performance is not suitable for printing, It will cause a series of faults in the process and seriously affect the production process and product quality.The collection network reminds the print operator that some properties of the ink must be changed to suit the printing needs, but some faults are not only caused by the ink, but also related to other factors, so the print operator must carefully analyze the correct treatment. This article discusses the faults and treatment methods caused by the ink printing process and hope to be helpful.
    Slow drying of imprinting and its causes
        After the imprint is transferred from the printing plate to the paper through the rubber cloth, it is generally required to be dried in about 10 hours to facilitate the printing of the back color or the inspection of the finished product. Once the imprinting is slow, the not only the next color cannot be overprinted, but also It is easy to make the back of the print dirty. The drying of the imprint has three factors: oxidized conjunctiva, paper absorption, and water evaporation. We must correctly control the operation and prevent it in advance. The reasons why common blots are slow to dry are as follows:
        (1) The paper has a PH value of is below 6;
        (2) The water bucket PH value is below 3;
        (3) The layout of the water and ink is large caused serious ink emulsification.
        (4) The workshop temperature is low and the relative humidity is higher than 75%;
        (5) Poor absorption of paper;
        (6) too much auxiliary material such as varnish and viscosity removal agent is incorporated into the ink;
        (7) (7) The amount of dry ink is too small.
        (1) In order to prevent the phenomenon of slow-drying of printed matter, the height of stacked printed products should be reduced, and the pile of paper should be shaken. The semi-finished product can allow air to penetrate into the stacked paper and shorten the time of oxidizing and conjuncting;
        (2) If the printing is urgently needed, use the original graphic printing plate for dry oil overprinting, the formula is 70% of Wei Li oil and 30% of dry oil;
        (3) In order to prevent unfavorable drying factors, add appropriate amount of dry oil. The amount of dry oil is: winter is more than summer, the latter color is more than the previous one, and the diluted ink is more than the diluted ink.
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