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    What factors affect the drying of the ink?

        The dryness of the ink is mainly determined by the type of the binder and its properties. When the type or type of ink is different, the composition of the binder is different, and its dry form and drying performance are also different. For example, the drying property of the resin type ink is higher than that of the oil type ink because the resin material is contained in the binder. When the proportion of the binder containing the dry oil is increased, the drying speed of the ink is correspondingly slowed down. In addition, the drying properties of the ink are also affected by multiple factors, which cause the drying speed of the ink to change.
    1. Effect of pigment on drying property
        The oxidative polymerization of the ink is carried out in the presence of a solid dispersed phase such as a pigment and a filler. Different pigments have different effects on the oxidative polymerization of the ink. Some pigments are inert and have no significant effect on the drying properties of the ink. Some pigments have a wicking effect, and their drying mechanism is similar to that of a desiccant, but the driers are much weaker.
        Most organic pigments have an inhibitory effect on the oxidative polymerization drying of the ink. In particular, when the pigment molecular structure contains a group such as phenol, phenol, naphthol, amine or aniline, the oxidative polymerization reaction of the binder can be suppressed. Therefore, the oxidized conjunctiva drying type ink prepared with these pigments. Drying is slower. Common pigments which hinder the oxidative drying of inks are pigments precipitated from carbon black, titanium white, azo red and phosphotungsten molybdenum salts. The proportion of the pigment used in the ink and its dispersion are also related to the strength of the ink penetration and the speed of the permeation drying. The pigment is used in a large proportion, the particles are fine, and when the dispersion is uniform, the barrier effect on the penetration of the binder is large, and the capillary action of the pigment particles is strong, so that the penetration ability of the binder is weakened, and the corresponding ink drying property is also lowered.
    2. Effect of ink adjuvant on drying property
        A auxiliary aid is added to the ink during printing to adjust printability. The composition and properties of various adjuvants are different, and the effects on the drying properties of the ink are also different. In addition to the desiccant can increase the speed of drying the ink oxidized conjunctiva, some other adjuvants can speed up the drying speed of the ink, and some can inhibit the drying of the ink and slow down the drying speed of the ink.
    3. The effect of temperature on drying
        The temperature of the printing environment increases and the drying speed of the ink increases. For every 10 °C increase in temperature, the time required for the oxidative drying of the ink can be cut in half. When the temperature rises, the chemical activity of the substance molecules increases, the reaction rate of the dry oil molecules with oxygen increases, and the production of peroxides in the oxidative polymerization reaction also increases, which can accelerate the polymerization of the oil molecules. In addition, when the temperature is raised, the molecular motion speed is increased, and the energy is increased, so that the evaporation rate of the solvent in the binder can be increased, thereby improving the drying property and drying speed of the volatile drying ink.
    4. The effect of humidity on dryness
        The humidity of the printing environment has a great influence on the drying property of the ink. When the ambient temperature rises, the drying speed of the ink slows down. The relative humidity mainly affects the drying speed of the ink oxidized conjunctiva. This is because when the content of water vapor in the air increases, the chemical activity of oxygen in the air decreases, the amount of oxygen in contact with the ink also decreases, and the water content of the paper increases accordingly. Compared with the case where the relative humidity is low, the absorption amount of the paper to the binder is reduced, so that the ink penetration and cohesive ability are also lowered, and the drying property of the ink is weakened.
    5. The effect of paper properties on dryness
        Paper performance is one of the important factors that affect the dryness of the ink. The water content, ink absorbency, tightness and sizing degree of the paper are closely related to the penetration amount of the ink and the speed of penetration. These properties of the paper are different, which affects the speed of ink permeation drying and coagulation drying. When the water content of the paper is too high, the evaporation of moisture hinders the progress of the oxidative polymerization reaction and slows down the drying speed of the ink. Therefore, the ink exhibits different drying properties after printing on papers of different properties.
        In addition to the above influencing factors, there are also the influence of the acidity of the dampening solution on the drying, the thickness of the printing ink layer and the number of times of the printing of the ink on the drying, and the different printing environments also have a certain influence on the drying property of the ink. . The air circulation in the printing environment makes the oxygen content in the air sufficient, and the oxygen can be continuously replenished, so that the oxidative polymerization rate of the ink is accelerated. In addition, the air circulation can also increase the volatilization rate of the solvent, and the ability to evaporate and dry the ink is enhanced.
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