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    Briefly understand the characteristics and application range of the two-color pad printing machine

        The two-color pad printing machine is a printing device suitable for plastics, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC seals, etc. Pad printing is an indirect concave plastic head printing technology that has become a major method for surface printing and decoration of various objects.
    Two-color pad printing machine features:
        1. The positioning is accurate, and the cylinder side pressure type positioning of the worktable is accurate and stable.
        2. The pneumatic type adopts microcomputer control, which is easy to operate and durable.
        3, using sealed oil sputum storage ink, energy saving and environmental protection, the oil sputum is close to the surface of the steel plate, so that the ink will not leak out at the same time, the oil shovel also has the role of a blade, moving back and forth on the steel plate, leaving the ink on the etched pattern .
        4, special damping device, the machine is running very smoothly; speed regulating scraper, superior performance.
    Two-color pad printing machine advantages:
    Easy program operation
        1. SMC pneumatic components, the machine runs stably.
        2.CNC processing mechanical parts, high precision of color registration.
        3. Reasonable structural design, simple debugging and time saving.
        4. Cast aluminum body, strong and firm.
    The scope of application of two-color pad printing machine:
        Pad printing machine is widely used in daily necessities, toys, pens, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry and food packaging industries, various types of electronic products, such as buttons, mobile keyboards, electronic panels, telephones, game consoles And watches, toys, daily necessities, gifts and other hardware and plastic products LOGO, pattern text printing, can also design special models for special product needs.
    The principle of the pad printing machine is to use the method of photo-engraving to print the pattern to be printed, and then to make the steel plate into a gravure and transfer it to the printed matter through a special silicone printing head, and it can be specially prepared according to the material of the product. The ink is made to ensure the quality. The process of the pad printing machine is divided into the following four points:
        1. The ink is evenly covered on the steel plate by a brush.
        2. The excess ink is scraped off by a scraping steel knife.
        3. The ink in the pattern is picked up by the print head falling down to the steel plate.
        4. The print is lowered by the print head to cover the pattern.
        Pad printing machine industry: plastics industry, toy industry, glass industry, metal industry, electronics industry, sporting goods, stationery industry, optical industry, IC packaging industry, etc. Pad printing range: ruler, pen, ball, doll eye, watch, camera, hair dryer shell, ceramic, medical equipment, racket, tape, electronic parts, IC, CPU, DRAM, computer case, buttons, decorative signs, Printing of mobile phone cases, etc.
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