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    What are the precautions for the use of printing consumables?

        Printing technology has been around for many years since its inception. Since the advent of printing, cultural communication and communication in China and the world has become more convenient. With the continuous emergence of various printing consumables, our printing technology has also been A very good development, today, printing pictures of the effect we want has become very simple, in the printing industry, the developer is a relatively common printing consumables, then the printing consumables use notes What?
        First, the concentration. Because the developer on the market is often a concentrated liquid, it is often necessary to use the developer when it is necessary to use the developer. Because the speed of development is directly related to the concentration of the developer, we are doing it. Be careful when diluting, because if the concentration of the developer is too large, the development speed will be too fast, which is a factor that we are not easy to control, and it can cause corrosion to the material. If the concentration is too small, the development speed will be It will be very slow, and it will make people feel that the development is not clean and so on. Therefore, when configuring the developer, the concentration must be mastered.
        Second, the temperature. When the developing temperature is relatively high, the molecular motion of the developer used in our printed matter will be very intense, and the ability to dissolve the resin in the developing work will be great, causing damage to the material. If the temperature is low, then the resin is The solubility is relatively poor, and it is easy to produce the same exposure conditions and different development times. Moreover, when the temperature is low, the influence on the material is higher than when the temperature is high. Therefore, when using the developer, the temperature must be well regulated. This is also one of the precautions for the use of printing consumables.
        3. Cycle stirring of the developer. In the printing process, development often requires the developer to contact and react with the photosensitive layer on the PS plate, so the development process is often a dynamic development method. For example, when we need to carry out the development work by hand, it is usually necessary to shake the first hard disk. When using mechanical development, the mechanical device itself has a circulation device, which can speed up the flow of the internal developer, so that the speed and uniformity of development can be obtained. Raise, so we can see the importance of circulating agitating the developer.
        The above is some introduction to the precautions for the use of printing consumables. I hope that we can help you understand and use the developer, so that everyone can master the developing solution and master the developing technology. The works can be presented more perfectly in front of people, allowing people to appreciate different beauty.
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