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    How to use the printing machine lnk insanity

    How to use the pad printing machine:
        1. Install the knife ring and lock the exhaust screw and the lid.
        2. Turn over the oil pan of the pad printer, add the diluted ink, or dilute directly in the pad machine, but use a non-magnetic material to stir.
        3. Fix the printing plate (thin steel plate or nylon plate) on the backing plate and turn it over (the pattern face down). If you are using a thick steel plate, you can save the previous steps and turn it over directly.
        4. Carefully place the oil sputum containing the conditioned ink on the unpatterned side of the printed board and rotate it properly to allow the oil sputum to adhere to the printing plate.
        5. Turn the printed board with good oil smear together (oil shovel on top of the printing plate), put it into the padding machine and lock it.
        6. Twist the venting screw of the cup cover, push the oil shovel to the oil shovel directly below the movable frame, put down the movable frame, and re-tighten the oil raft.
        7. After all the installations are completed, first use the manual method to push the oil shovel back and forth to see if the oil shovel is inside the steel plate.
        8. Use automatic printing control to adjust the speed of forward and backward movement (not too fast) and observe the oil scraping situation. If there is oil leakage, please check if the oil sump is installed? Is there a gap in the knife ring and is it broken? Is the steel plate installed flat? Whether there is a problem between the thin steel plate and the backing plate, etc., find and solve
        9. The operation of removing the pad printer is basically the opposite of the appeal.
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