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  • Hello! Welcome to Dongguan Zeende Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.!

    Provide high quality laser processing and equipment maintenance services

        Zeende Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of laser marking machines and provides related laser accessories, including CO2 laser glass tubes, semiconductor laser modules, laser focusing mirrors, laser galvanometers, laser beam expander mirrors, acousto-optic Q-switches, laser marking control cards.
        Zeende Company is determined to promote and popularize the use of laser products on a large scale in China. Laser products are widely used in various industries, such as: jewelry, craft gifts, electronic appliances, mobile communication, watches and clocks, hardware, auto parts, plastics, wood, organic Glass, leather, etc.
        Based on years of design and manufacturing experience and excellent service, Zeende enjoys good reputation among its peers. The products are exported to home and abroad and are in the leading position in the laser industry. Exquisite technology, excellent quality and perfect service are the business philosophy of Zeende.
        The company has always used the most serious and responsible attitude to solve all aspects of laser problems for our customers, hoping to gain the trust and support of our customers.
    Why choose us:
        ●Professional technology and service, excellent quality, is the core competitiveness of our company.
        ●Professional management team and advanced production equipment are our strong guarantee for the achievement of quality products. We sincerely welcome field visits.
        ● One-stop service customers: rest assured, worry-free, comfortable from design, production, post-processing, to delivery, we implement one-stop service; cooperate with you to create a win-win situation.
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    address:One Lane, Tongxin Road, Xiagang Management District, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City Service Hotline:+86 13539000940
    Company main:Pad printing machine, lnk squeegee,Tampo ink, Marken ink, halogen-free ink, printing accessories, printing accessories, silk screen accessories, printing supplies
    Sweeping attention
    Sweeping attention